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Meet Lavon Frye Kearney

Lavon KearneySurrounded by entrepreneurs her entire life, specifically her father, Carl D. Frye,  Lavon Frye Kearney has chosen to add another company to her business resume – this time as the owner of Serenity Assured Inventory Solution, LLC. Her self-satisfaction comes from owning and operating a business that provides an undeniably beneficial service to her community.


She has believed for years that completing an asset inventory is a much needed but too often overlooked service that has no downside. Asset inventories are like the proverbial elephant in the room. Most people know it’s there, but uncomfortably ignore it because it is such a huge beast to tackle in this fast-paced, ever-busy world in which we live.


Creating a home and business inventory service allows Lavon’s focus on helping others to be realized.  As an Accountant and Individual Income Tax Preparer, Lavon knows the importance of having detailed records prepared before they are actually needed. Her service helps alleviate undue stress by taking the burden away of not knowing how to create an inventory, finding the time to complete it, and ultimately keep it up to date. It also provides her clients the sense of serenity that comes with the completion of any formidable task.


Lavon’s background in a variety of industries includes being part owner of Manor Valley Golf Course, a family owned business, for 25 years as Accountant and eventually, as General Manager. She also enjoyed employment as a Sales Associate at another family-owned business, The UPS Store, where she gained a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding customer service. Additionally, her time as an Accountant at a medical staffing firm provided her with a knowledge of finances, which is of high importance for her inventory business. As with many business owners, she finds value in each of her previous professional experiences. They all offered her the opportunity to provide community service to local residents, and enabled her to form many lasting and rewarding relationships.


Always striving to grow and learn, when Lavon was 40 years old she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris College. While reaching this milestone, she worked part-time, was married, and was raising two children.


This lifetime native of Penn Township is an Accountant, Individual Income Tax Preparer, an Auxiliary Member of the Claridge American Legion, and a Member of Cornerstone Ministries.


Serenity Assured Inventory Solution offers personal property documentation services for residential and business disaster preparedness and recovery, collectibles, estates, separation of assets, prenuptials, and appraisals. Located in Export, Pennsylvania, Lavon serves the metropolitan Pittsburgh area.  She is certified by the National Inventory Certification Association, insured, and holds a Business Services Bond.

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